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WRST is a facilitator in the water resources sector in Sri Lanka that disseminates a vast scientific and socio-economic knowledge assembled over the decades on both coastal (estuaries and lagoons) and inland (streams, rivers, reservoirs, waterfalls, springs, groundwater, rainwater etc.) water resources of the country.

WRST provides scientific, technical, and socio-economic solutions for existing and escalating water resources related problems (scarcity and surplus, quality and quantity, pollution and toxicity, legislation and policy, governance, and management) in the country, resulting in due to growing population and climate change with a view of improving the quality of human life in a resilience environment as a millennium goal.

WRST carries out research, training and capacity building and disseminates knowledge, prepares and maintains databases, builds up networks of water researchers, managers, policymakers, and users and provides counsel to discover the beauty and nature of the island’s waters.

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